Terms and Conditions

1. Description of services
The purpose of the service provided by Aparthotel Ashanti through the ashantiaparthotel.it website is to facilitate bookings at the accommodation facilities which are online by putting users in direct contact with them through the ashantiaparthotel.it website.

If you book through ashantiaparthotel.it, you will enter into a direct contractual relationship (which is legally binding) with the accommodation provider at which the booking has been made. When the aforementioned booking is made, we will exclusively act as an intermediary between you and the accommodation provider, transmitting to the relevant provider the details of the booking and sending you a confirmation email on behalf of the accommodation provider.

In providing our services, we disclose the data that has been provided to us by the accommodation facilities. Therefore, all the facilities are given access to a private network, for which they are totally responsible in terms of updating the rates, the availability and any other information displayed on the ashantiaparthotel.it website. Each accommodation provider is responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the information (descriptions), including the rates and availability displayed on the ashantiaparthotel.it website.

2. In accordance with the regulations of Art. 13 UE 679/2016, we provide you with the following information about the processing of your personal data, which were given to Aparthotel Ashanti S.r.l., in order to provide you with the requested services: Privacy policy.

3. Credit card and Payments
Your credit card details are requested by the accommodation facilities only in order to guarantee the booking and will therefore be transmitted to the facilities by the system.
Each accommodation provider reserves the right to check the validity of the credit card before the arrival date (by requesting authorization from the relevant circuit). The accommodation provider may also ask the guest for a different guarantee from the credit card. If the guest cannot or does not wish to provide any further guarantee, the accommodation provider reserves the right to cancel the booking.
The guest will make payment for the stay directly to the accommodation provider. The booking shall be made directly to the accommodation provider and the latter shall be exclusively responsible therefor.
Upon confirmation you will receive a voucher showing the address of the accommodation provider and the telephone number.

For any information and/or variation you may contact the accommodation provider itself.
The total amount for the stay shall only be charged to the credit card by the accommodation provider in the event of any cancellations and/or no-shows.
Your credit card details are processed with strict confidentiality and privacy.
The booking is guaranteed to the guest and, in the event of overbooking by the accommodation provider, the latter undertakes to find a solution guaranteeing the same quality of the service in another accommodation provider of the same category.

4. Free service
Our service is completely free of charge. Therefore, no additional cost shall be applied to the price of the room and charged to the credit card.

5. CANCELLATION TERMS of the booking by the accommodation provider

The cancellation terms are indicated in the “contractual regulations” contained in the sheet of the individual accommodation provider.

6. Exemption from responsibility
The services specified on the www.ashantiaparthotel.it website are based on the information entered by the accommodation facilities themselves, who are to be considered solely responsible for the correctness and truthfulness thereof. The accommodation facilities may at any time make changes to the availability and rates, therefore Aparthotel Ashanti through the ashantiaparthotel.it website cannot guarantee that all the information is accurate and free from mistakes, and cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies contained in the information received.
Therefore, it is the accommodation provider that accepts full responsibility for any legal issues that may arise from the information entered and any lack of services that may be caused to the final users, for example, non-availability of the booked room upon the guest’s arrival.

Before undertaking any action, we recommend you check the correctness of the information received.

7. How to cancel
To cancel your booking you can write to the accommodation provider directly.