Bike Routes

Bibione Bicycle Touring Guide

Passeggiata Adriatico

The Passaggiata Adriatico is the name of the cycle and cycling-pedestrian trail which runs parallel to the beach, and which, opposite the sea, crosses the entire Bibione coastline from east to west, from Piazzale Zenit to Bibione Pineda.

A real surprise! Not just because of the loveliness of the extensive trail, carefully tended all year round, but above all because of the long flower-filled sections and green borders.

There are many well signposted pedestrian crossings to get to the beach, and disabled visitors can also enjoy the trail through slide access.

The Passeggiata Adriatico is suitable for everyone and safe for children as they ride along on their little bikes, totally secure, without running the risk of coming across cars, and they have an absolutely brilliant time on the trail’s ups and downs.

City cycling

A lovely city cycle lane, with two lane sections in places, which connects to the Passeggiata Adriatico, crossing Bibione parallel to the beach. This urban cycle trail is ideal to discover the city’s beating heart, the bustle of the shops and venues whatever time of day. In various sections, the trail connects to sections of the city’s highway network and is therefore not for the exclusive use of cyclists.

It’s highly enjoyable to reach the beach so quickly as well as discovering, in addition to the city, surprising little corners filled with nature’s treasures.

Trail suitable for all. Children, preferably accompanied as there are sections of road which link to city highways and are not exclusively for bike use.

Lighthouse and pine wood

The itinerary which takes in the pine forest to the east of Bibione, next to the mouth of the Tagliamento river where the old Lighthouse makes its solitary presence felt, is a loop, suitable for expert mountain bikers because some sections of the pine forest have a sandy bed.

This is the first cycle section of a larger trail, the Gira Tagliamento which, from Bibione leads to the centre of San Michele al Tagliamento climbing up northwards following the river banks, overflowing with wild plants.

The lighthouse route passes through the area where the farming businesses are situated, and where you can admire the wonderful orchards of fruit trees and borders completely given over to growing the delicious Bibione White Asparagus.

Using this itinerary, we now come to the Lighthouse no longer in use with its pine forest and undergrowth teeming with stunning spring flowers and a paradise for small animals and countless bird species. This trail is ideal for healthy walks as well as bike rides, even out of season.