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Bibione Bicycle Touring Guide

Gira Tagliamento

Gira Tagliamento is the tourist cycling itinerary, which goes from the Faro in Bibione to San Michele al Tagliamento, the county town and which, once completed will reach as far as the town of Alvisopoli. This trail, suitable for mountain bikers and experienced cyclists, is a true immersion into the loveliest and unspoilt of natural surroundings.

The Gira Tagliamento itinerary, which brushes the towns of Cesarolo and San Michele al Tagliamento, is accessible all year round, from spring to winter, and the beauty of the landscape and the flora changes in step with the seasons. An excellent opportunity to visit Bibione and its hinterland even out of season.

The trail should be avoided during the hottest hours in the summer as there are large parts of it open to the sun and without shelter in the shade.

Casoni and Terzo Bacino

From the access bridge heading west, the route follows a road which runs along Valgrande on one side and on the other, the fields and paddy fields of Terzo Bacino, where a variety of riso arborio is still grown.

Carrying on along this little frequented route which is not exclusively for cycle use, you come to the casoni of Terzo Bacino, overlooking the lagoon.

Route type: suitable for mountain bikes, expert cyclists and those less experienced. The roads are lined by rows of trees although there are some points without shade. This is why we do not recommend this route during the hottest hours of the day over the summer months.

Brussa and Vallevecchia

The itinerary from Bibione to Brussa and which takes in the protected area of Vallevecchia is particularly suitable for exploring by bike: the roads, part dirt track part surfaced, and with some sections lined by trees, lead to various villages such as Lugugnana, Brussa and Castello di Brussa, until you come to the protected area of Vallevecchia, particularly interesting in terms of nature.

This itinerary is extremely quiet for much of its route, with little traffic even along the sections not destined for exclusive bike use where you can pedal away with peace of mind.

The section where you do have to take care, particularly during summer weekends, is at Lugugnana, where the local road meets the highway. The itinerary comprises sections of urban and dirt track cycling, and is suitable for mountain bikes – Degree of difficulty: 3. It is not suitable for families at present but will become so in the next phase.

Included in the trails is this particularly ‘tasty’ one: in the Brussa to Vallevecchia section, there is no shortage of pubs, traditional inns and trattorias, where you can take a break and get to know the area’s typical food and wine products as well as its natural habitats.